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Unlimited Diesel Performance: Your Premier Destination for Diesel Engine Solutions

Unlimited Diesel Performance is Central Ohio’s foremost authority in diesel performance and repair. Since 2004, our family-owned and operated company has been offering a comprehensive range of services to keep your diesel truck performing at its peak. From full drive-in repair services to fuel injection, machine shop solutions, and parts sales, our multiple divisions ensure we can handle all your diesel engine needs.

A Legacy of Expertise

At Unlimited Diesel Performance, we are driven by our passion for excellence, innovation, and expertise. We have been recognized by industry-leading publications such as Engine Builder Magazine, Diesel Power Magazine, Diesel World Magazine, Green Handle Media, and Motor Trend Magazine. From pioneering industry firsts like the world’s inaugural 7.3 Powerstroke diesel billet aluminum engine block to mastering the intricate details of remanufacturing 7.3L Powerstroke diesel fuel injectors, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in diesel engine technology.

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CEO - Nate Bailor

Nate Bailor, Owner and Co-Founder of Unlimited Diesel Performance, has been entrenched in the diesel industry nearly his entire life.  Nate’s obsession with all thing’s diesel started at a young age and never ceased. He started turning wrenches as a young boy with his father, with tools in his hands, tearing things apart, putting them together, and a passion for sketching and designing trucks and tractors. 

Nate graduated from a 2-year vocation program for Automotive Technology at Lancaster High School while getting his start at the local dealer, Bob-Boyd Ford. Nate would perform maintenance tasks, and light truck repairs. Seeing all of the new Ford trucks rolling through the dealer, It didn’t take long for him to conceptualize his dream of a fully functional drive-in service shop that specialized in light duty diesel pick-up trucks and accessories.  In June of 2004, Unlimited Diesel Performance opened its doors for business in Bremen, Ohio where it remains to currently.  What was once a two-man show has since evolved into a team of 12 employees and multiple departments.  

Nate’s enthusiasm for the industry has been one of the largest driving forces in the expansion of the company.  With the addition of the fuel injection and the machine shop, he has been able to set his own quality and precision standards that are leading the industry.  Since pushing boundaries is in Nate’s blood, his team was constantly up against the edge of the factory component’s ability to hold the power that was being demanded. It was a constant battle to find quality machined parts, so Nate took matters into his own hands. He began designing parts using 3D modeling software, and then began purchasing the equipment to machine the parts in house. Being able to deliver a high quality, reliable product to his customers at the end of the day makes all the effort towards research and development worth it.  

Moving forward, the goal remains the same; unwavering commitment to our clients and friends while bringing products and service to market we can stand behind.  Day after day, year after year Nate and the team at Unlimited Diesel Performance strive to be the resource and solution to all of your diesel needs.

Comprehensive Services:

Conveniently located in Bremen, Ohio, our facility serves the greater Fairfield County area and beyond. We have a range of services that meet the specialized needs of our clientele. We specialize in class 2-5 light-duty diesel trucks, including Ford Powerstroke, Dodge RAM Cummins, and GM Duramax. Whether you require high-performance parts, remanufactured engines, cylinder heads, fuel injectors, or turbos, we’ve got you covered.

Exceeding Expectations

At Unlimited Diesel Performance, we go above and beyond to provide expert care to our clients. Our team undergoes technical and leadership training to maintain quality, accuracy, and technical support.

Setting Standards for Excellence

Our attention to detail and high-quality work with a quick turnaround sets us apart in the diesel performance industry. Experience the Unlimited Diesel Performance difference today at our Central Ohio shop to see why we’re the best in diesel engine solutions.