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Unlimited Diesel Performance built bulletproof bottom end

Building the Ultimate, Street-Driven 7.3L Ford Power Stroke

Creating a high-horsepower yet durable 7.3L starts with a sound bottom end. For that, Unlimited Diesel Performance of Bremen, Ohio, got the call. The folks there took care of all the machine work done to the block, as well as porting and polishing the heads, and also supplied a set of 400/200 injectors.



Unlimited Diesel Performance 500 HP Daily Driver

1997 Ford F-350 - Keepin’ Up With The Joneses

While we never thought we’d take our ’97 F-350 this far, it’s happened. After driving around what seemed like the perfect daily-driven 500hp combination for more than a year (S366 turbo, 238/80 hybrid injectors, Adrenaline high-pressure oil pump), we just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Our lust for both more power and keeping pace with newer trucks is what this three-part series is all about. So, with a trip over to Flynn’s Shop, we pulled the Stage 3 238/80 injectors and shipped them back to Unlimited Diesel Performance to be transformed into Stage 4 300/200s.



400 HP on the cheap with Unlimited Diesel Performance

400 HP On The Cheap - $4K Doubles The Power Of Your 7.3L

Want an affordable, safe way to more than double your 7.3L's horsepower? Replace the stock injectors with Stage 1.5's from Unlimited Diesel, swap out the stock 60mm turbo and pedestal for a Super 66 charger with EBPV delete and a blank (EBPV-free) pedestal.



Unlimited Diesel Performance 1212DP

Pushing The Limit - An 11-Second, Old-Body-Style Ford

With some help from his friends at nearby Unlimited Diesel Performance, Brian progressively built the 7.3L Power Stroke into a 12-second truck little by little. But last spring, he decided to lean on the stock bottom end even harder. The new plan entailed breaking into the 11s in the quarter-mile.



Powerstroke Fuel Injectors from Unlimited Diesel Performance

Ford Power Stroke Injector Upgrade

In this photo you can see the hardware required for the first portion of this build:238cc, 80-percent-larger-nozzle Stage 3 hybrid injectors from Unlimited Diesel Performance...



Unlimited Diesel Performance Build

1994 Flareside F-250 Power Stroke - An Injection Shop’s Unique Creation

Over the years, we’ve noticed a lot of unique projects stemming from diesel performance shops. When you’re submerged in the market where core parts, access to cheap vehicles, and your own mechanical skills are readily available, it only makes sense that you’ll eventually end up with a one-of-a-kind creation. But, not unlike your Average Joe’s build, projects take time, and the fun factor usually overrides any plans to stay on a budget. Nate Bailor, owner of Unlimited Diesel Performance in Bremen, Ohio, has built one such truck.



Unlimited Diesel on the Dyno

Serious 7.3L Power Stroke Upgrades

Our 238/80 injector, built by Unlimited Diesel Performance, starts out as an A-code injector (found in all T444E and 7.3L Power Stroke engines), and without the need for any machining is outfitted with a new, single-shot BD-code plunger and barrel (found in the I530E engine). This effectively increases the bore of the injector.



Building Power With Hand-Built Injectors

If you are serious about diesel performance, replacing the stock fuel injectors with high-performance injectors should be a consideration. We’re looking to push 400 rear wheel horsepower with Project 7.3, so an injector upgrade, along with our other modifications, is a must. Fortunately, Unlimited Diesel Performance, in Bremen, Ohio, specializes in high-performance fuel injection, and much of the company’s expertise and reputation was built around delivering 7.3 Power Stroke fuel injection applications.



Unlimited Diesel Performance Project 7.3

Project 7.3: Takin’ It To The Streets

Our 2000 7.3-liter Power Stroke Super Duty project is now on the street and the results of the multi-part build are greater than expected. We first rolled onto the pavement after leaving Unlimited Diesel Performance a little more than a week ago. With a freshly installed Skyjacker suspension system the first stop was to be the alignment shop to make certain the Super Duty’s newfound power would stay pointed in the right direction.



Unlimited Diesel Performance

Local Business Spotlight: Unlimited Diesel Performance

Tucked away down a quiet wooded lane just outside the Village of Bremen is one of the most unique businesses imaginable. But odds are you don’t even know they exist unless you’re from the Bremen area or you have a thing for diesel engines.

If you are among their legions of enthusiasts, you know that Unlimited Diesel Performance, Inc. is one of the best in the nation at what they do.