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Are you in need of professional transmission repair services? Look no further than Unlimited Diesel Performance, your trusted experts for transmission repair – your one-stop shop for all your transmission repair needs.

Understanding the Critical Role of Your Truck’s Transmission

In automotive engineering, one component plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth, reliable journey – your diesel truck’s transmission. It acts as the silent conductor, orchestrating the power generated by your engine into controlled movement. It’s easy to take for granted, but without it, every drive would become a chaotic noise of gears and grinding. Whether you’re maneuvering through bustling streets, or navigating the open road, your transmission silently assures that your truck operates seamlessly.

Unlimited Diesel Performance: Your Trusted Destination for Transmission Repairs

We understand the complexities of your truck’s transmission. It’s our understanding of the crucial role this component plays that drives our commitment to delivering top-tier transmission repair services. When your transmission encounters turbulence, you can rely on us to bring back the harmony and ensure the symphony of your truck’s performance continues without a hitch.

Our Comprehensive Transmission Services

Diagnostic Service

A key element in our transmission repair process is the initial diagnostic service. We employ specialized diagnostic tools, tailored to decode the intricate language of your vehicle’s computer systems. Modern trucks, equipped with sophisticated computer systems often generate error codes that point us to the heart of the issue. In cases where the issue is not immediately apparent, our skilled technicians conduct professional driving tests. This helps us experience the symptoms firsthand, which can be invaluable in pinpointing the problem. We also perform an external inspection of your transmission while it’s positioned on a lift. This comprehensive diagnostic process ensures no issue goes unnoticed, making it an essential first step in restoring your transmission’s health.

Fluid Check and Replacement

Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of your transmission system. Keeping it clean and at the proper level is crucial for maintaining your transmission’s health. During our diagnostic service, we check the transmission fluid level and condition. Low fluid levels and dirty or burnt fluid can indicate potential issues within your transmission. When necessary, we perform a fluid change to ensure the transmission’s fluid remains in pristine condition. This not only prevents further damage but also helps to unearth any underlying internal problems.

Filter Replacement

The transmission filter acts as a guardian, shielding your transmission from the infiltration of debris and contaminants. Over time, this vital component can become clogged, potentially causing extensive damage to your transmission. As part of our comprehensive transmission repair service, we inspect and replace these filters when necessary. This proactive approach is essential in preserving the longevity of your transmission and ensuring your truck’s performance remains at its peak.

Adjustments and Repairs

Certain transmission issues may necessitate adjustments or minor repairs. Whether it’s a loose clutch cable, electronic control malfunctions, or the need to replace small, worn components, our skilled technicians are well-versed in addressing these matters. External repairs like fixing a transmission fluid leak also fall under this category. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring your transmission is restored to its optimal condition.


In cases of severe transmission damage or extensive wear, the transmission may require an extensive overhaul. This process includes disassembling the transmission, meticulously inspecting every component, and thorough cleaning. Worn or damaged parts are replaced, and the transmission is reassembled, often with a fresh gasket set, seals, and other necessary components. This level of attention to detail ensures the integrity and longevity of your transmission.


Transmission fluid leaks are a common issue and can lead to decreased fluid levels, overheating, and damage if left unaddressed. To prevent these problems, we may need to reseal the transmission. This process typically involves removing the transmission from your truck to access and replace seals and gaskets. Our meticulous approach guarantees that your transmission remains sealed, preventing any further fluid leaks.

Transmission Replacement or Rebuilding

In situations where extensive parts replacements are necessary, it may be more cost-effective to either replace the entire transmission with a new or remanufactured unit or opt for a complete transmission rebuild. Our team of experts helps you make the best decision for your specific circumstances. Factors like the extent of the damage, the make and model of your truck, and your budget all play a role in determining the most suitable approach.


A critical part of our transmission repair process is the comprehensive testing phase. After all necessary adjustments, replacements, or repairs are completed, we conduct a thorough test to ensure your transmission functions optimally. Test drives are a common part of this process to confirm that the issue has been resolved, and your diesel truck is operating correctly and safely.

Preventative Maintenance

We believe in the power of preventative maintenance to avoid major transmission issues. This may include regular fluid and filter replacements, band adjustments, or software updates for electronically controlled transmissions. Our commitment to keeping your transmission in the best shape possible ensures that your truck is always ready for the road ahead.

The Importance of Expertise

Transmission repair isn’t a one-size-fits-all task. The complexity of transmission systems and the variations between makes and models make it a specialized field. Our experienced technicians possess the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to navigate the intricacies of transmission repair. Your truck’s transmission is in capable hands when you trust it to our team.

Securing Seamless Journeys: Your Partnership with Unlimited Diesel Performance for Optimal Transmission Care

In trucking, few components are as vital as your transmission. It ensures your journey is smooth, efficient, and free from complications. By prioritizing the health of your transmission, you’re investing in the longevity and performance of your vehicle. We’re more than a repair shop – we’re your partner in ensuring every journey is safe, reliable, and efficient. When you choose us, you’re choosing the assurance of a smooth, trouble-free ride.

Your transmission is in the hands of experts who understand the complexities of transmission systems. We’re here to ensure that every drive, whether it’s a quick road trip or a cross-country journey, is a symphony of precision and power. Trust us to be your partner in ensuring your truck’s transmission is always in tune.

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