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  • ATS Adjustable Boost Fooler Kit 1999-2003 Ford

The factory computer on the 1999-2003 7.3L Powerstroke’s is designed to monitor various parameters of the vehicle and compensate in certain ways to prevent against potential long term damage. One example of this is the way your truck views boost.  When an excessive amount (or at least the computer views it as excessive) of boost is shown, it will defuel (buck) in order to limit boost. Obviously, this can severely limit the amount of power you’re getting to the ground. 

ATS makes this simple Boost Fooler that performs just as the name fools the computer to prevent it from both defueling and causing check engine lights (CEL’s). If you’ve done any type of power modifications, this boost fooler is an absolute must.

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ATS Adjustable Boost Fooler Kit 1999-2003 Ford

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