• AFE Stage Elite Air Intake System 6.4L

The AFE "Elite" air intake kit is designed to improve the airflow capability (for upgraded turbos) while still using as much cold air as possible. It starts with an AFE Stage 2 kit and receives improvements. 

The kit comes with two air filters, one larger filter for continual use and one smaller filter for limited backup use. The smaller filter will not supply enough airflow to support Elite’s 71mm or 72mm Tow-Power turbos but they can be used for temporary use (non full throttle use) while your primary filter is being cleaned, etc.  

*Kit comes with larger piping from air intake to turbocharger inlet.

Note: This kit does not have a provision for using the OEM crankcase recirculation system. You will have to use an alternative option for expelling the engine’s crankcase vapors.

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AFE Stage Elite Air Intake System 6.4L

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