• No Limit Fabrication Cold Air Intake With Filter

This cold air intake is built to handle the most amount of air volume in the business, utilizing the factory location. This kit is a drop-in replacement for the 6.4L Power Stroke , and install’s in under 30 minutes. Utlizing the AFE Pro5R 5x12" conical oiled filter, you will not suck in the filter minder or set a CEL with this kit.

This is an open element kit, so for customers in severe duty conditions such as farming and off-road, a pre-filter is recommended. This kit, at this time, does not offer a provision for the crankcase vent, so you will need a crankcase reroute kit from No Limit, or will have to make your own. We are currently in the process of working on adding that provision for those wanting to retain the crankcase vent in its factory form, although not recommended. For more information please also look at the description of the No Limit Crank Case Vent ReRoute kit. The kit includes a free pre filter (just pick a color when ordering).

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No Limit Fabrication Cold Air Intake With Filter

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