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  • Bellowed Up Pipe Kit Early 1999 7.3L

The "donut" up-pipe gaskets have been a problem for Powerstroke owners for years.This "bellowed" up-pipe kit eliminates the troublesome "donut" gaskets. These new up-pipes feature a thin pre-formed steel gasket, along with a flexible "bellowed" flange. The bellowed flange allows for expansion and contraction in the pipes without putting stress on the sealing gasket, making for a leak-free design.


  • Driver and Passanger Side Bellowed Up- Pipes
  • New Cast Iron Turbo Adaptor
  • New Up-pipe Gaskets
  • New Mounting Hardware

*Will not fit late 1999 model 7.3L (engines built after 12/07/1998)

*Will fit 1994-1997 model 7.3L engines

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Bellowed Up Pipe Kit Early 1999 7.3L

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