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  • ATS Aurora 3000 Turbo Kit 1994-1998 Dodge

The ATS Aurora 3000 turbo is designed for trucks that tow, daily drive and have minor injection pump modifications (governor spring kit, modified fuel plate, etc). The turbo can support power levels from stock to 500 rwhp while providing quick spool, EGT control, and increased power across the rpm band.

Designed for 1994-1998 Cummins 12-valve motors, the kit includes:

  • ATS Aurora 3000 with ported compressor housing

  • Powder-coated compressor and exhaust housings

  • Machined discharge adapter for an HX-40 downpipe

  • HX-40 4½" downpipe included

  • New oil feed line and fitting

  • Turbo to manifold T3 gasket

The Aurora 3000 uses a T3 turbine housing flange, which allows it to fit a stock or aftermarket T3 manifold. The existing air intake tube and filter can be re-used with the Aurora 3000.

ATS turbos come with a 3-year / 150,000 mile warranty. Please contact ATS to learn more about the Aurora 3000!

Note: 4-Inch exhaust discharge with 4-Inch downpipe is also available

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ATS Aurora 3000 Turbo Kit 1994-1998 Dodge

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